THE GLOBAL EVENT FOR FASHION PROFESSIONALS / Physical 21-23 Sept. & Digital 20-24 Sept.21​

THE GLOBAL EVENT FOR FASHION PROFESSIONALS / Physical 21-23 Sept. & Digital 20-24 Sept.21​

Fashion Forums

Take an inspiring tour through our fashion forums.

An essential tool for brands and buyers in search of inspiration and the latest product novelties offered by exhibitors, Première Vision Paris creates and presents forums dedicated to seasonal orientations and the information developed by its fashion team. Some 15,000 accessories, 20,000 fabrics, 10,000 leathers and 5,000 designs pass through the hands of Première Vision’s fashion team each season. They are a source of unique analysis and vision on the best of the world’s creative and qualitative offer. After selection by the fashion team, they are presented on the eleven Première Vision Paris forums and trend spaces, which provide the group’s fashion information. This complex represents a surface area of 5,500 m2.

A Transversal Season Forum: Pv Perspectives


Première Vision’s vision with the strongest trends about colours, handles and behaviours, a focused selection of fabrics, leathers and accessories and designs, the PV Colour range and the season film.


Forums by activity sector

2-Fabrics Selection – Essentials_Hall 6
A selection of the indispensable fabrics needed to create a collection, with a more informative presentation, organised by use for Fluid and Structured garment items, as well as fabric highlights for ecological and responsible fashions.

3-Fabrics Selection – Fancies- Hall 5
All the season’s highlights in terms of decoration, regardless of technique, including prints, jacquards, lace, embroidery etc.

4-Yarns and Knitwear Selection – Hall 6
Yarns, stitch developments, and flatbed knit garments.

5-Designs Selection- Hall 5
An entertaining and informative fashion area to discover directions in textile designs and surface creations.

6-Accessories Selection- Hall 4
A choice of accessories and components for RTW and Leathergoods markets.

7-Leather Selection- Hall 3
Leather and skin trends with a Bag & Shoe area.

8-Manufacturing- Proximity Selection -Hall 6
Manufacturers’ know-hows with a selection of finished products.

9-Manufacturing-Overseas Selection – Hall 2
Specific know-hows of the audited manufacturers in different style universes.

Forums by market

10- Sport & Tech Focus – Hall 6
Enrich your understanding of the influence sport has on fashion by visiting our Sport & Tech Forum, with its special selection of apparel fabrics, accessories and clothing prototypes.

11-Jewel Focus – Hall 4
A selection of components for the fashion jewellery market.

All new products illustrated by the exhibitors’ choices.

For more decoding of the season, discover our fashion seminars and our colour range