The international event for creative and eco-responsible fashion professionals​

The international event for creative and eco-responsible fashion professionals​

The Fashion Tools

Your date with inspiration

Each season, Première Vision not only brings together creative suppliers and buyers from across the world, it also fulfills a second, equally ambitious mission: to provide a continuous, forward-looking analysis of evolving trends and market conditions.

Key tools

At the show, fashion information is conveyed in different forms: inspiration forums where a selection of the season’s most inspiring materials are displayed, a film, fashion seminars and an exclusive color range each season.

A quick overview of the workings of this forward-looking analysis

A 360° perspective

To provide this exclusive information, the Première Vision fashion team works with 30 or so international specialists, each of whom is attuned to their own markets and emerging influences in art, fashion, colors, design and more.

This data is then crossed with the fashion team’s own intuitions and market/activity sector expertise, and summarized.

A constant supply of information

This strategic information is a rich source of information for Première Vision’s partners.

The exhibitors receive analyses that are honed and refined throughout the season, both to spark their imaginations and help them develop creative collections in close step with the times.

Meantime, buyers benefit from regularly updated information communicated on the website – from the highly inspirational, to information deeply rooted in the specifics and pace of different markets.

An online version throughout the year

The information published in the Trends section of the Magazine is a relay for all fashion information. These can take the form of analyses, decodings and favourites from the fashion team.

At the heart of the season, there are also product dossiers and galleries on the site that express what you should remember about the season’s trends.

As with the fashion orientations transmitted at the shows, the resources put online structure the future around a season, a range of colours and strong speciality points that correspond to the different trades and practices of Première Vision exhibitors and buyers.

A full range of specialized tools designed to accompany textile industry pros throughout the year.