The international event for creative and eco-responsible fashion professionals​

The international event for creative and eco-responsible fashion professionals​


The universe dedicated to fashion manufacturing specialists

The Offer

A meeting place for order writers and manufacturers, Manufacturing stands out as the essential link between the upstream and the downstream of the clothing textile sector by offering a quality clothing manufacturing service. The space brings together a complete range of technical and logistical solutions dedicated to fashion brands and household linen to produce their collections.

The Exhibitors

The Manufacturing universe can be divided into 8 sectors: Flatbed Knitting, knitters, machine makers and flat knitwear specialists | Services, specialized service providers (quality control) and promotional organizations | Shirts Up, shirtings specialists | Softwear, fashion manufacturers specialized in fluid garments, casualwear and citywear | Special Skills, an area for swimwear, outerwear and accessories | Suitwear, suits and jacket specialists | Tees & Co, cut and sewn knitwear | Upper Jeanswear, denim experts.

Nearly 130 companies, coming from around 15 countries are exhibiting at Manufacturing. Dressmakers, subcontractors or manufacturers, whether they develop private label collections or pre-established finished products, the exhibitors are subject to a Selection Committee specific to the clothes making industry. Exhibitors in this sector come from Turkey, China, Peru, Portugal, Mauritius.

The highlight of the industry in terms of business, creativity and meetings, Première Vision Paris provides each exhibitor with unique international visibility. Participants are admitted following a rigorous selection process, which guarantees the quality of the offer. Such stringent criteria is the reason for our success and renown among fashion industry professionals.

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The Visitors

Production managers and buying heads for fashion, lingerie, sports and accessories brands.

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