The international event for creative and eco-responsible fashion professionals​

The international event for creative and eco-responsible fashion professionals​

Selection criteria

All the Première Vision Paris exhibitors must match quality, creativity, technical know-how, performance and reputation criteria studied by a Selection Committee, which validates new exhibitors on its own. This requirement guarantees the exceptional offer we provide to international buyers, and it participates in our success and renown towards fashion professionals.

Selection criteria

Première Vision Paris is a selective show. Access to the show is restricted to companies who create, produce and sell products destined for the apparel market, leather goods, shoes, jewellery, accessories, companies whose files have been accepted by one of our Selection Committees, who are there to ensure the constant enrichment of the salon’s overall offer. Meeting one or several of the criteria mentioned below is not sufficient for a file to be accepted. Applicants must refer to and provide information pertaining to each criteria in their applications.

The following criteria are taken into account in the selection process:

Applicants must help strengthen the pertinence of the salon’s offer for each market segment represented in the show.

Selection is made individually for each clearly identified product line. A company with several collections within the same corporate body must detail in its application file all product lines it intends to present at the salon. The applicant may be refused the right to present one or several collections at the salon if these collections do not meet the necessary criteria.

To be selected each product line must be the result of a recurrent creative process that is unique to the company, and which results in a significant seasonal updating of the articles proposed. Each collection presented must be characterised by its coherence and an identifiable fashion/market orientation.

The technological and industrial innovation, which can lead to patents, participate at the development of original products.

Première Vision Paris favours collections benefiting from directly controlled production equipment.

The selected company must provide such services as are pertinent to a complex, targeted and international market. Criteria such as short deadlines, reduced order minimums and special developments will be considered positively in the selection process, without being sufficient for a dossier to be accepted.

Whatever its country of origin, the company must be satisfactorily capable of addressing the global demand for samples and production as expressed at the show.

The applicant companies shall not be involved in known litigation with the reputable exhibitors and/or buyers at Première Vision Paris, in particular in the field of counterfeiting. On the contrary, it must be supported by a portfolio of clients and suppliers, who themselves enjoy top international reputations.

Applicants must demonstrate a legal and operational existence of at least two years. Appreciation will be given to the capacity of the candidate to satisfy its short-term deadlines, to maintain and develop its activity in the mid-term. Accounting and legal documents must be submitted to the Committee.

Companies that do not respect the social and environmental criteria commonly agreed upon by the major decision-making bodies (the ILO, the EU, etc.) cannot be selected.

Selection process and participation conditions

  • All exhibitors at Première Vision Paris must first be selected by one of the Selection Committees, and the take-over of an exhibiting brand or company does not equal selection of the buyer for any other product lines or activities that have not been previously selected.
  • Application files are delivered by the Application Service on the basis of an informed initial enquiry, and only files deemed acceptable by the Application Service shall be presented to the Selection Committee: complete files, answering to the current selection criteria, followed by the necessary elements (collections, presentation of collections, balance sheet, annual statement, etc.)
  • Selection of files is made for the Paris edition of Première Vision. This result is valid for all other shows of the group.
  • An exhibitor whose evolution of collections, business activity, financial situation and/or commercial practices put it outside of the salon’s selection criteria may no longer be invited to participate in following editions.
  • All change related to business activity, product offer, financial structure or commercial practice brings a company’s participation in the salon into question. Admission and participation in the salon are valid only for the conditions under which the company was admitted.
  • An application rejected by the Selection Committee cannot be renewed before two editions.
  • An application rejected three consecutive times by the Selection Committee cannot be renewed before 4 editions.