The international event for creative and eco-responsible fashion professionals​

The international event for creative and eco-responsible fashion professionals​

The Universes

Selecting the know-how of fashion materials and service experts

Première Vision Paris selects and brings together the complementary expertise of 1,300 international exhibitors to meet your need for multi-material, selective and creative sourcing.

Here creativity is expressed without restraint throughout the seasons:

Première Vision Paris February: presentation of the Spring-Summer collections.

Première Vision Paris July: presentation of the Autumn-Winter collections.

The 9 universes of Première Vision Paris :

Yarns & Fibers



Designs – Textile creation

Accessories & components


Smart Creation – Eco-responsible sourcing & innovations

Maison d’Exceptions – High creation




What? Natural, artificial or synthetic fibres, high-performance yarns, recyclable materials … Première Vision Yarns offers the currently most advanced creations and innovations. Spinners and fibre producers offer products for all markets: woven fabrics, jacquards, circular knits, hosiery, technical uses,

Why? This most-upstream selection step in the textile chain is paramount. The fabric will take on its full dimension thanks to the yarns and fibres that go into it and lend it its creativity and its technology.

Who? Première Vision Yarns welcomes fibre producers, specialists in throwing and texturing, spinners and industry promotional organisations.

For whom? Weavers and knitters of value-added textiles.

Where? Hall 6

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What? Première Vision Fabrics brings together fabrics created, produced and marketed for the apparel markets. Each collection presented by the weavers selected for the show is characterized by its coherence and an identifiable fashion direction. This international offer includes: embroidery, lace, suitings, silkies, woollen, knits, dyed wovens, technical fabrics…

Why? The elaboration of a collection flows naturally from the textile selections: shapes, patterns, colors… tight up to the manufacturing of the garment itself. This is why the strength of Première Vision Fabrics is its synergy with the other Première Vision Paris universes.

Who? Print specialists (Prints sector), fancy fabrics, woollens and fake fur (High Fancy), high-end silkies (Silkies), embroideries and lace (Embroideries-Lace), cotton shirt fabrics for the casual and city offer (Shirting), structured fabrics for suits and tailoring (Tailoring), casual cottons and linens (Premium Relax), performant fabrics and knits (Tech), lining specialists (Lining), representatives of the circular knits for the casual and sophisticated universe (knits).

For whom? Designers, collection managers, in-house design offices for creative fashion brands and design studios from luxury houses, business leaders.

Where? Halls 5 and 6

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What? This universe is dedicated to the leather and fabrics for leather goods and footwear trades.

Why? The sector involves unique trades and know-hows. Positioned on the high-end, Première Vision Leather brings together a first-class offer with guaranteed traceability.

Who? Tanners, tawers and manufacturers of fabrics for the leather goods and footwear markets, as well as leather trade federations and associations. Since February 2024, a new itinerary, 360° Leather: from farm to tech, provides visitors with a wide range of concrete solutions to their needs.

For whom? Stylists and designers from the major names in luxury goods as well as ready-to-wear, leather goods and footwear brands looking for high-quality leathers but also creative fabrics for accessories and manufacturers to make their collections of finished products.

Where? Hall 3

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What? Textile creation, motifs and patterns are the heart of the Première Vision Designs offer. It brings together a rigorous selection of specialised international studios presenting their latest collections in textile design (patterns, motifs, knit ideas, ornamentation, vintage…). Buyers who come to do their sourcing discover the season’s trends and major themes in terms of decorations and patterns.

Why? The decoration offer from Première Vision Designs exhibitors will personalise and lend distinction to buyers’ future collections: dresses, blouses, T-shirts, children’s clothing, lingerie, swimsuits, etc.

Who? Design studios and textile designers working for all universes (men’s, women’s, juniors’, children’s) and all sectors (ready-to-wear, lingerie, sports …).

For whom? Representatives of fashion brands looking for the decorative inspiration of the season and exclusive patterns for their collections. Weavers from all fashion segments (tailoring, ready-to-wear, sportswear, mass-market and non-textile chains, franchises…) including weavers exhibiting at Première Vision Fabrics.

Where? Hall 5

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What? This universe focuses on bringing together accessories and components for fashion and design that decorate clothing, footwear, leather goods, lingerie, etc. A broadly diversified offer that brings together a selection of buttons and buckles, embroideries and narrow laces, appliqués for ready-to-wear, leather goods and footwear, zips and metallic or plastic accessories, ribbons, sequins and sequined yarns… Components for fashion jewellery (rhinestones, chains, stones, etc.) and decorative accessories (laces, ornaments, leather or textile pieces), but also packaging manufacturers.

Why? Selected on the basis of their functionality and creativity quotient, these proposals are indispensable complements to anchor a collection in the season through the shape of a button on a jacket or the presence of rhinestones on a dress.

Who? Suppliers of accessories and components working for the ready-to-wear, sports, leather goods, jewellery and packaging sectors.

For whom? Ready-to-wear brands, leather goods, footwear and jewellery brands looking for accessories and components.

Where? Hall 4

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What? A meeting place for order writers and manufacturers, Première Vision Manufacturing stands out as the essential link between the upstream and the downstream of the clothing textile sector by offering a quality clothing manufacturing service. The space brings together a complete range of technical and logistical solutions dedicated to fashion brands and household linen to produce their collections.

Why? The manufacturing stage is essential. While some brands and houses have their own production sites or workshops, others must sub-contract to fashion manufacturers. The companies exhibiting at Première Vision Manufacturing all feature high-quality technical know-how and quick reactivity. They guarantee quality manufacturing.

Who? A selection of fashion manufacturers specialized in fluid garments, casualwear and citywear (Softwear sector), suits and jacket (Suitwear), cut and sewn knitwear (Tee’s & Co), shirtings (Shirts Up), and denim (Upper Jeanswear). There’s also an area for swimwear, outerwear and accessories (Special Skills). Knitters, machine makers and flat knitwear specialists. Specialized service providers (quality control) and promotional organisations. Dressmakers, subcontractors or manufacturers, whether they develop private label collections or pre-established finished products, the exhibitors are subject to a Selection Committee specific to the clothes making industry.

For whom? Production managers and buying heads for fashion, lingerie, sports and accessories brands.

Where? Hall 6

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Maison d’Exceptions

Dedicated to ateliers with a particularly high level of know-how, this space gathers exhibiting houses demonstrating working techniques which, each in their field, represent an exceptional know-how. Entry to this space, exclusive to the February edition, is by invitation only and reserved for international luxury actors in textiles, accessories and leather goods sectors.

Where?  Hall 5

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Smart Creation

An invitation to discover the new eco-responsible and technological innovations that are already industrialized and exploitable, which are the fashion of today and will be the fashion of tomorrow.

The most committed, inspiring and even visionary companies in the sector!

The exhibitors of this area offer recycled materials (fibers, fabrics…); organic and biological materials; the most traceable processes and materials; components and accessories; eco-responsible fibers; eco-designed textiles; alternative materials (to leather, synthetic fabrics…); sustainable tanning processes; environmentally friendly finishing processes; sustainable dyeing processes (waterless, technological, natural…); sustainable textile printing techniques; global circular approaches; fabrics with innovative properties; technologies from Fashion Tech, certification organizations, etc.

Where? Hall 6 – PV Hub

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