Prepare your visit

  • How can I get my pass?

    To get a pass for the next show, you need to register. Online registration should be available approximately 2 1/2 months before the event.

    For any question about how to create or access your visitor account, most of the replies are available on this page

  • What is the entrance fee?

    Exceptionally, the pass will be free for all visitors; it will give access to:

    • the physical event in Paris-Nord Villepinte on 7-8-9 February 2023
    • the digital event on our website, from 6 to 10 February 2023.
  • What health measures will be implemented on site?

    Première Vision Paris is doing its utmost to welcome you in the best conditions.

    The good evolution of the sanitary situation in France does not require any particular sanitary measures at the time of this publication (wearing a mask is still recommended).

    Should there be any changes, we will inform you.

  • How do I access the show with my e-pass?
    1. I show the QR code on my e-pass (downloaded or received by email) directly on my smartphone at the entrance controls of the halls
    2. I keep it accessible in my phone for any identity check when I am in the halls
  • How can I organise my trip?

    All the information to help you plan your trip is available here

  • I will only be able to visit the digital event, what is the QR Code for?

    The QR code is only useful for visitors who will be attending the physical event, to present it at the checkpoint in order to access the halls.

    For the digital edition, no need for the QR code, if you have pre-registered, go to on the morning of 6th February.

  • How can I organise my visit?

    All the resources to help you organise your visit to the Première Vision Paris show are available here . An interactive map will also be available before the show.

  • Are discounts available on transportation?
    • Train travel: The SNCF no longer offers the “convention rate” tickets which gave 20% discount on French railways. Therefore, we cannot propose this anymore.
    • Air travel: Enjoy preferential rates with Air France and KLM Global Meetings

    Find all available discounts here.

    • Public transportation :  No available discount.

    Find the public transport interactive map here and plan your itinerary online

    We advise you to buy your return ticket at your departure station because of the high number of people leaving the exhibition.

    Whether you want to come by shuttle, taxi, public transport or car, all the information you need to get to Première Vision Paris – Paris-Nord Villepinte is here  (or will be online soon).

  • Are there cloakrooms at the show to drop off coats and luggage?

    Cloak rooms – with a fee – are provided in the main gallery of each of the halls 4, 5 and 6.

    Luggage storage is mandatory.

    The fee – the only one – is 4€ including tax whether it is a piece of clothing, an accessory/small luggage or a suitcase.

    In order to avoid contact by handling money, only payment by credit card will be accepted.

  • I need an invitation letter to obtain a visa. What should I do?

    Letters of invitation will only be sent to persons who have ordered their e-pass. Online registration should be available approximately 2 1/2 months before the event.
    Once ordered, you have to:

    • fill in the the online request form
    • send it back by email (direct button from the form) and do not forget to attach the required documents:
      • A proof of business incorporation (document attesting to the registration and activity of your company with a government body)
      • your e-pass

    Please note: incomplete applications will not be processed.

    You can check whether you need a visa for France here

  • I am an agent. How can I get my e-pass?

    Agents need to register through our website. Online registration should be available approximately 2 1/2 months before the event.

    If they don’t have their pass on arrival, they should go to the nearest Help Desk at the show entrance to get it.

    For any question related to registration, please contact

    For any other specific question, please contact

  • I am a student. What are the entry conditions for students ?

    The next edition of the Première Vision Paris show will take place:

    • A physical event at Paris Nord Villepinte from 7 to 9 February 2023
    • A Digital event on from 6 to 0 February 2023 inclusive.

    We will be delighted to see you at Paris-Nord Villepinte, on Wednesday 8th or Thursday 9th February.

    Please see the dedicated page with all information.

  • I am looking for an exhibitor. Where can I find information?

    All exhibitors participating in the show, whether physically or digitally, are listed on the Marketplace. For each show, a specific menu indicating the exhibitors attending is proposed.

    The search bar makes it easy to find a supplier or a product.  Then, use the various advanced search filters to sharpen your search. For any other question, please consult this page

    If you encounter any difficulty, please write to us at:

  • How can I know which exhibitors accept orders with small volumes ?

    The Première Vision Marketplace has a filtering system on the left-hand side of its product pages (MOQ, nationality, eco-responsible, etc.). After an easy initial search in the research bar, these filters will allow you to sharpen your search in order to best meet your needs. For small quantities, the “Production volumes” filter will allow you to choose quantity scales.